OMANZ Executive board

Wayne Chapman – OMANZ Chair

CEO: iSite Media

Phil Clemas

General Manager: APN Outdoor

I’m responsible for driving the development and growth of the New Zealand operations at APN Outdoor. I have more than 20 years’ experience in media – spanning newspapers, magazines and unaddressed mail. I started in sales, grew into sales management, and then general management. From there, I established a direct marketing company called Deltarg, which became highly successful and grew into a multi-million dollar business. In 2008, I joined APN Outdoor, bringing with me a long-term strategy for growth and leadership in the coming years.

What I like best about out-of-home advertising: I love billboard media in particular because of its creative potential. You can say so much with just a clever line or a strong image. Don’t they say a picture speaks a thousand words?

My favourite out-of-home campaign is: Isaac’s Cider.. It used a strong creative with elements specific to its brand and used sites most relevant to its target market. And it proved a success for the advertiser.

The best thing about my day: I get to spend time with a great bunch of motivated people who are the best at their jobs, and who love what we do. There is a tangible desire to do great work for our clients whilst enjoying it and having a few laughs along the way.

Cameron Taylor – OMANZ Secretary

General Manager: oOh!media

I have a number of years’ experience in the media and advertising industry, including APN Infomedia and PMP, and I am responsible for oOh!media in New Zealand.

What I like best about out-of-home advertising: Outdoor is such an exciting medium that is continually evolving and providing advertisers with opportunities to connect with consumers. One of the best things about outdoor is that it is a 24/7 medium that integrates the advertiser’s brand in the daily activities of consumers. Unlike other media, which is content driven, with outdoor the medium is the message and the advertising is the hero. It cannot be switched off, you cannot channel surf, turn the page or TiVo click it.

My favourite out-of-home campaign is: There have been many; however House of Travel launched their travel booking facility ‘mixandmatch’ with a significant outdoor execution at Auckland Airport. House of Travel understood the need for multiple touch points throughout the airport precinct utilising a combination of ambient and traditional formats. The end result was a highly compelling awareness campaign, which is still being talked about today.

The best thing about my day: Dealing with media personnel who carry the same enthusiasm for outdoor media as we do. Equally fulfilling is the feedback we receive from the development, execution and success of quality outdoor campaigns.

Nick Vile

General Manager: Adshel

As General Manager I am responsible for Adshel New Zealand, including implementation and achievement of strategic sales goals in the New Zealand market, driving new business strategies and best-in-class service to our agency and direct clients. I come from a media background with over 9 years in senior media sales roles, including TV3 and start-up OGGI Digital.

What I like best about out-of-home advertising: In the hugely fragmented and ever-evolving media world that we currently live in, out-of-home is the one constant. We still commute, travel and spend time outside of our homes. There is no doubt that as it becomes more and more difficult for advertisers to engage with their target markets using electronic media, a well-considered out-of-home campaign has to be an important part of the media mix.

My favourite out-of-home campaign is: I don’t like to single out specific advertisers, but any campaign where the creative is both innovative and demonstrates an understanding of the medium. An example would be the Air NZ GottaGo campaign – simple and effective, plus integrated into social media, allowing all of New Zealand to literally have their work up in lights. A great showcase for out-of-home.

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News Release 17th November 2015
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