OMANZ Policies & Regulations

OMANZ Policies

OMANZ members constantly seek to improve professional practice. Therefore, our members actively support the following policies:

OMANZ Code of Practice & Industry Standards

OMANZ Environmental Statement

OMANZ Regulations

Regulation of Outdoor

Most roadside outdoor media structures are regulated via a range of controls, from local bylaws though to the Resource Management Act. These regulations vary by city and are at times updated to accommodate changes in outdoor media design. Some outdoor media structures also need to comply with specific requirements of other regulatory bodies, such as road authorities, although these are generally managed through the one planning approval process.

Legislation often prescribes when and what approvals are required to construct a new outdoor media structure, continue operation of an existing structure once a permit has expired, or make changes to an existing structure. Applicants may be required to deal with a number of different agencies throughout the processing of their applications.

OMANZ is committed to working within the specific regulatory bodies to ensure all structures erected and maintained meet the required legal standards.

Advertising content

The advertising content that is placed on outdoor media structures is not owned by outdoor media operators, although they have a responsibility to ensure it does not infringe any laws or causes offence.

Content of all advertising is managed through the Advertising Standards Authority, which meets regularly to consider advertising complaints across all media. Any person can complain about any advertisement that they consider to be in breach of the Codes.

For more information on specific codes:


Members of the community wishing to complain about the content of any outdoor media advertisement must lodge their complaint in writing to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

OMANZ members abide fully by the decisions of the ASA and will remove content if a complaint is upheld by the Board.

Complaints should be addressed to:

The Secretary
Advertising Standards Complaints Board
PO Box 10-675

Complaints should be in writing, dated and signed by the complainant. Complaints can also be made using the online complaints form at:

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