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Lotto Powerball – July 2015

Lotto NZ have underpinned their latest TVC for Lotto Powerball with the use of some exciting OOH special builds on APN Outdoor billboards in key locations across Auckland this July. (more…)

oOh! Media – ‘You and Maggi Cooking Up Fresh Ideas’ – APRIL 2015

MAGGI’s latest ‘You and Maggi Cooking Up Fresh Ideas’ campaign to promote its new contemporary flavours has been boosted through a first in New Zealand – retail advertising panels that dispense a discount coupon for the range. (more…)

Lipton Ice Tea cools down New Zealand with the launch of Taste the Brightside retail and campus campaign – February 2015

A peachy, pioneering idea by Lipton Ice Tea will tempt shoppers and students with a cool way to engage with advertising panels by pressing a button that will literally recreate a refreshing experience with oOh!Media NZ. (more…)

Toyota Build Desire for the Yaris on Buses – November 2014

Toyota have succeeded in using the Roadside space effectively with their placements for their current Yaris campaign. While the car may not be the focal creative, the overall creative tells the story behind the car, which in itself creates emotions driving the audience’s desire for the Yaris. (more…)

Havaianas Always have an Interesting Creative. – November 2014

Havaianas seem to always have an interesting creative. While the branding may not be the focal point of the creative, the images and colours used draw the consumer’s eye in and align with how Havaianas are often displayed in store. (more…)

The Sanitarium Campaign is Simple yet Effective – October 2014

The Sanitarium campaign is simple yet effective. The use of a bright block colour makes it stand out in any environment. (more…)

AECT Used the Bus to Help Carry the Creative – October 2014

AECT have used the bus itself to help carry the creative. The message is simple and clear to read but still draws the attention to the overall creative itself. (more…)

HPA Turned Social Attitude into a Product – November 2014

HPA have turned a social attitude into a product. While at first this campaign looks like a campaign for alcohol, it makes the consumer take a double take with the tagline “Brewed by Clouds” “Not Beersies”. (more…)

Sony Push the Boundaries – October 2014

While Sony have defied many creative boundaries, using primarily black and white, the campaign stands out with the use of yellow for the film title alongside a strong simple black and white image. (more…)

World of Wearable Art Award Show August/September 2014

World of Wearable Art Award Show have done well using multiple media formats recently. All of which stand out from a distance with the use of colour and a strong logo placement.  (more…)

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News Release 3rd May 2016

The Outdoor Media Association of NZ (OMANZ) reports another period of strong growth for the Out of Home industry with the release of Q1 2016 revenue figures today. Gross media revenue for the industry for Jan-March 2016 increased by 18% over the same period in 2015, reaching $20.2 million for the quarter. Read More…

News Release 17th November 2015
oOh!media today unveiled a first for Out Of Home engagement in New Zealand with the launch of its next generation of interactive retail screens loaded with unparalleled sensory features at ad:tech New Zealand. Read More…

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