An introduction to
out-of-home advertising

Out in the open

Imagine the impact your advertising has when 2.4 million people pass it on buses, bus shelters, billboards, airports and shopping centre illuminations in any given week during the year.

Need more convincing? Each week
  • 63% of AP10+ see outdoor advertising
  • 56% of people live in Metro areas
  • 1.97 million of AP10+see outdoor billboard advertising
  • 82% of outdoor observers see bus back advertisements
  • 75% of outdoor observers see street furniture/bus stop advertising
  • 47% of people that went to the mall in the last 7 days recall seeing an Illuminated Advertising Poster in a shopping centre
  • People spend an average of 37 minutes a day travelling to and from work or study – so they have plenty of opportunity to see out-of-home advertising.

‘Each day approximately
941,000 people see out-of-home
advertising at least once’

Source: Nielsen Media, 2012.

Expand your advertising campaign reach

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising provides:
  • broad market reach and high, efficient frequency
  • 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week presence
  • cost efficiencies that can be unachievable using other mainstream medium
  • the ability to reach markets and/or demographic profiles considered difficult or too expensive with other media
  • a perfect strategic add-on/extension with other media activity such as television and radio
  • a stand-alone advertising launch vehicle
  • a reminder medium when other activity tapers off
  • communication to markets that other media cannot reach.

See more about the benefits of out-of-home advertising.

Who is the audience for out-of-home?

Although the audience varies depending on the format and location of the out-of-home advertising, those that see outdoor advertising each day are more likely than the general population to be:


  • Male
  • With one in five aged 20-29, and similar numbers 30-39
  • 62% live in metropolitan areas
  • 35% located in Auckland


  • White collar workers or students
  • Middle income
  • Well educated
  • Socio levels 1-3
  • On the go
  • Involved in many social interests

The Outdoor Observer is often likely to be on the go socially for both work and play. They state that they go to the gym regularly, play a lot of sport and have a busy social life. They are often out buying takeaways, or shopping for clothes and personal items with Saturday and Thursday being their biggest shop days (including grocery shopping). Spending most spare time with friends they enjoy dining out/ going to hotels, bars / clubs, visiting art galleries, theatre and concerts.

Other top attitudes and beliefs are a reflection of their lifestyle choices such as their desire to be successful, their love of sports and fitness, openness to new ideas and a positive attitude to their country, family and the environment, coupled with the fact they are increasingly time poor.

Transit habits

  • Often in transit; 70% drive or share cars as their main mode of transport, followed by a 21% of them taking the bus or train
  • More than half take more than 20 minutes to get to and from work, offering an attentive audience for an extended period of time.

Media consumption

  • Outdoor Observers spend over 6 hours per week on average on the Internet (excluding time spent on email).  This compares with just over 5 hours of all New Zealanders aged 10+.
  • 43% are heavy magazine readers, reading 6 plus publications, this compares with 41% of all New Zealanders aged 10+.
  • 41% of Outdoor Observers are light TV viewers (up to 15 hours a week) while a further 20% are moderate TV viewers (15-21 hours per week).
  • Outdoor Observers are moderate to heavy radio listeners. 31% listen to more than 7 hours per week and 26%  to between 7 and 20 hours.
  • 55% of Outdoor Observers are light daily newspaper readers (0-2 daily newspapers read per week). Another 14% are moderate readers (3-5 daily newspapers per week).
  • 13% of Outdoor Observers have been to the cinema 5+ times in the last six months, this compares with 12% of the general population. A further 31% have been 2-4 times in the last six months.

Source: Nielsen Media, 2010.

Where to reach out?

Placement of outdoor advertising can have a significant impact when channelling your desired audience.


AIRPORTS – those who see advertising in airports are more likely to be business managers, executives or self-employed; at 40+ they are slightly older and their personal incomes are likely to be higher.

BUSES – In comparison, people engaged with outdoor advertising on buses, bus shelters or shopping centres are likely to be younger (aged 20+) with slight lower personal incomes.

Who’s using outdoor advertising?

The top ten outdoor advertisers:
  • McDonald’s
  • ANZ
  • Coca-Cola Oceania
  • Progressive Enterprises Ltd
  • Universal Pictures
  • Lion Nathan Breweries
  • Roadshow Films
  • Vodafone New Zealand
  • Cadbury Confectionery
  • Frucor Beverages

Source: Nielsen Media, MAT to 30 Nov 2012.

The top ten categories that use out-of-home advertising are:
  1. Fast food chains, restaurants, cafes
  2. Cinema
  3. Cellphones, mobile phones
  4. Passenger vehicles
  5. Central government
  6. Education
  7. Banks
  8. Beer, stout & cider
  9. Radio & television
  10. Airlines

Source: Nielsen Media, MAT to 30 Sept 2012.

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