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OOH revenue figures by year:

Media Rev ($M)

Source: OOH revenue figures for OMANZ members, who collectively contribute more than 88% to total out-of-home advertising revenue.

For more detail about each period’s revenue results, see the OMANZ revenue releases below.

OMANZ revenue release

OMANZ Q2 Revenue Results 2015

OMANZ Q1 Revenue Results 2015

OMANZ Media Release 2014 Revenue Results

OMANZ Q3 Revenue Results 2014

OMANZ Q2 Revenue Results 2014

OMANZ Q1 Revenue Results 2014

OMANZ Media Release Revenue Results Year End 2013

OMANZ Q3 Revenue Results 2013

OMANZ Q2 Revenue Results 2013

OMANZ Q1 revenue results 2013

OMANZ revenue results year end 2012

OMANZ revenue results year end 2011

OMANZ Q3 revenue results 2011

OMANZ Q2 revenue results 2011

OMANZ Q1 revenue results 2011

OMANZ revenue results year end 2010

OMANZ Q3 revenue results 2010

OMANZ Q2 revenue results 2010

OMANZ Q1 revenue results 2010

OMANZ revenue results year end 2009

International Outdoor Market Share

Out-of-home market share as a percentage of total advertising revenue ranges between 3.5-7.7% across the markets highlighted.  The objective is for the NZ OOH market to reach 5% of total advertising revenue in New Zealand.

ASA Advertising Industry Turnover Figures 2012

ASA Advertising Industry Turnover 2012

Reach your target market

Number of sites across NZ:

An out-of-home campaign can be executed as a broadcast medium or as niche targeted advertising. Across New Zealand there are a wide range of formats and locations for placement, providing optimal reach to your target market.

Aggregate number of sites by format

Engaging with Outdoor Advertising

This is a report compiled by Nielsen, which provides an overview of how New Zealanders engage with outdoor advertising as they go about their daily lives. It is designed to be a snapshot providing insights useful for analysis in the development of marketing, communications and media plans, including profiling the daily viewers of outdoor advertising.

Engagement with outdoor advertising

Outdoor Observers Interests

This updated report by Nielsen profiles the interests of Outdoor Observers – what they do with their spare time and the places they attend.

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Bus shelters / street furniture (panels)

Creative Updates

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Lotto NZ have underpinned their latest TVC for Lotto Powerball with the use of some exciting OOH special builds on APN Outdoor billboards in key locations across Auckland this July. Read More…

MAGGI’s latest ‘You and Maggi Cooking Up Fresh Ideas’ campaign to promote its new contemporary flavours has been boosted through a first in New Zealand – retail advertising panels that dispense a discount coupon for the range. Read More…

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News Release 3rd May 2016

The Outdoor Media Association of NZ (OMANZ) reports another period of strong growth for the Out of Home industry with the release of Q1 2016 revenue figures today. Gross media revenue for the industry for Jan-March 2016 increased by 18% over the same period in 2015, reaching $20.2 million for the quarter. Read More…

News Release 17th November 2015
oOh!media today unveiled a first for Out Of Home engagement in New Zealand with the launch of its next generation of interactive retail screens loaded with unparalleled sensory features at ad:tech New Zealand. Read More…

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