How to plan a good
out-of-home campaign

Planning for exposure

To ensure a successful and effective out-of-home campaign there are four key factors to consider:

Strong and compelling creative:

More than any other medium, an outdoor ad needs a big – yet simple – idea. Without an idea, a poster stops being an ad and becomes a sign.

Great creative will command total attention and cut through all other distractions in the outdoor environment. The key with copy is “less says more”.


The more innovative, and the more intriguing or humorous, the creative execution of an outdoor poster ad is the less media weight is required.

Conversely, the more mundane or predictable the creative, the greater the media weight required.

It has also been revealed that:
  • single-minded, focused ads deliver more impact
  • a positive thrust is more effective than ads that take a negative approach
  • artwork illustration can deliver higher awareness than photography
  • puffed-up product benefits lose credibility
  • readability is critical in effectiveness
  • seasons are not a factor in outdoor – people are out of their homes year-round.

Source: Mediacom, Canada.

Want to know more?

Detailed creative guidelines can be found here.


Outdoor advertising at its best achieves direct communication with consumers where they:

  • live, work, play
  • drive and shop
  • commute
  • congregate

A well-bought and properly executed outdoor advertising campaign can provide strong national exposure all the way along, right through to talking to the consumer at the retailer’s front door. Demographics and lifestyles can be targeted with outdoor media – with the mix of products and dedicated locations reaching specific markets, it’s a cost-efficient medium.

While the creative execution can determine the success of one medium over another, outdoor media has proven time and again that it provides strong market penetration and high sales results.

To learn more, review the successful out-of-home case studies.


Effective outdoor advertising requires strong, high-impact and quality graphics.

Design elements, size and time requirements, and the number of posters to be displayed will guide the final production decisions.

Production options include:

Backlighting, neon, holograms, giant video screens, live theatre, giant product models, wraps, 2 or 3 dimensional displays, computerised message displays, custom built mechanicals, reflective materials, screen printing, inflatables, signwriting, computer generated images.

The advent of modern print technology and computer generated production has transformed the outdoor industry – advertisers can realise a simple, streamlined process without major production costs.


Quality plant is an important part of outdoor advertising. Urban planning and environmental considerations play a large role in today’s society, which influences the placement of out-of-home structures in the landscape.

OMANZ members are committed to ensuring their plant is of suitable quality and that the sites are legal, and constantly work to provide the most suitable presentation for advertisers and the public.

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