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How can I contact an outdoor provider?

You can find contact details for OMANZ media operators and affiliate members here or by visiting our contact us page.

What is outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising is also known as out-of-home, or OOH advertising. As its name suggests, it’s advertising that you see outdoors, in places such as:

  • Roadsides
  • Shopping malls
  • Airports and other transport hubs
  • Public transport
  • Retail and other lifestyle environments

Outdoor advertising is part of the mainstream media industry,  and in 2012 achieved a market share of 3.1% of the annual $2.164 billion advertising market. This share is expected to grow as the out-of-home sector strengthens its profile and increases awareness of outdoor media’s significant benefits to advertisers.

More detail on the out-of-home sector’s revenue performance can be found here.

What formats make up out-of-home advertising?

There are a lot of places where you’ll see outdoor advertisements. We break the formats into five main classifications:

  • Roadside billboards (small format, large format)
  • Roadside – other (bus shelters/street furniture)
  • Transit (bus interiors and exteriors)
  • Precincts (airports and other)
  • Retail/lifestyle (shopping centres and universities).

Ambient media is not included in the OMANZ format classifications or revenue numbers.

You can find more information about each category here.

Who uses outdoor advertising?

More than ever, advertisers are waking up to the reach potential of effective outdoor advertising. From government to businesses to the non-profit sector, most types of advertiser categories are represented in out-of-home media. Advertisers who already add out-of-home into their marketing mix include Air New Zealand, New Zealand Lotteries, ASB, ANZ, Lion Nathan  and Coca Cola.

The top 5 advertisers in outdoor media during 2012:
  • McDonald’s
  • ANZ
  • Coca-Cola Oceania
  • Progressive Enterprises Ltd
  • Universal Pictures

Source: Nielsen Media, MAT to 30 Nov 2012.

The top 5 categories that used out-of-home advertising during 2012:
  • Fast food chains, restaurants, cafes
  • Cinema
  • Cellphones, mobile phones
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Central government

Source: Nielsen Media, MAT to 30 Sept 2012.

What are the benefits of using out-of-home media?

We all know that people’s lives are busier and faster-paced than ever before. They’re often spending less time at home, which means that they also have less exposure to traditional media like TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. With outdoor media, advertisers can:

  • reach people while they’re out and about, living their lives
  • build brands
  • make an impact
  • reach the masses or target niche audiences
  • achieve sustained awareness
  • create a multiplier effect
  • generate heavy frequency
  • strongly link to social media and mobile search
  • communicate with their auidence, as OOH is strongly involved at every stage of the Customer Journey
  • provide path-to-purchase communication.

A more detailed overview of out-of-home media’s benefits to advertisers can be found here.

How big is the out-of-home industry? Is it growing?

Outdoor advertising is part of the mainstream media industry and, in 2012 achieved a market share of 3.1% of the annual $2.164 billion advertising market.

Key macro and media indicators point to a positive future for out-of-home advertising and continued growth.  The closer an advertising message is to people as they live their everyday lives the more meaningful it becomes in terms of connecting with that audience. That means as other media audiences fragment OOH retains its relevance. Outdoor is well-positioned to leverage its unique advantages and provide real cut-through for brand campaigns.

You can see more detailed revenue and growth numbers here.

A few years ago there were moves to remove billboards from metropolitan areas. This was successfully stopped, but is it still an issue?

In 2006, the matter of banning billboards and signs was an Auckland City Council initiative, threatening to destroy a valuable and well-liked medium overnight. It became a hot topic, but the industry united and fought back by drafting an alternative bylaw. The bylaw aimed to tighten regulation, introduce a new level of professionalism, and keep the industry alive and viable.

The Council finally resolved to adopt the draft bylaw, which allowed it to achieve most of its objectives while satisfying the most vocal opponents of the Council’s original proposal.

The bylaw is still in place and working well. With the formation of OMANZ in 2009, the industry remains united and focused on taking the next step; we are working on a new code of practice that will become a national benchmark for professional conduct.

What actions are being taken in terms of outdoor measurement?

We’re watching with great interest to see how the Australian out-of-home measurement tool MOVE is evolving since it was rolled out earlier in 2010. Without a doubt, there would be incredible value in implementing a measurement system in the New Zealand market; however, as a smaller market, we need to be realistic about return on investment. In the short term there are more immediate priorities we can put in place to drive out-of-home share growth, which is our current focus. We’re staying updated on the results in Australia and other markets, and in time we expect that a measurement system will be implemented in New Zealand.

Can you please provide me with outdoor advertising rates or book a campaign for me?

No. OMANZ is a not-for-profit industry body that focuses on education and raising awareness of the role of out-of-home – so we do not sell media or book advertising.

If you’d like to find out about advertising rates, request a proposal or book a campaign, please contact the media operators directly.

Can you provide me with the number of billboards, buses, bus shelters, shopping centre displays or other formats from each of the operators?

You can find a summary of formats by region here.  Aggregate number of sites by format 2012

Due to commercial sensitivity we are unable to provide details in relation to the specific number of structures by operator, but to discuss your campaign requirements in more detail please contact the media operators directly.

Can you provide me with the market share of each media operator?

This is commercially sensitive information, so we are unable to provide market share for individual operators. What we can tell you is that, in 2012, outdoor advertising’s market share was 3.1% of the annual $2.164 billion advertising market. We expect this to rise as the sector’s profile grows stronger, and more advertisers become aware of its many benefits.

More detail on the out-of-home sector’s revenue performance can be found here.

I have a complaint to make about an outdoor advertisement – who do I contact?

Complaints should be directed to the Advertising Standards Authority. The members of OMANZ are not the actual advertisers, but rather the media operators who manage the structures on which advertising is displayed. Each of the OMANZ members operate under a strict Code of Ethics, and support the ASA’s codes to ensure a high standard of advertising is adhered to. The members fully abide by the decisions of the ASA and will remove content if a complaint is upheld by the board.

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