Common terms

Below are a list of terms you will find used throughout this website and commonly referred to within the out-of-home industry.

6m x 3m Billboards

At 6m x 3m these sites can be found in both city and regional markets. Sites include major and secondary roads, railway stations, suburban commercial areas and key locations within built-up areas.

With the large number of sites to select from, 6mx3m billboards provide mass and target market opportunities.

Advertising Structure

Physical structures built by an outdoor advertising operator to display advertising. The message may be applied to the structure in several different ways.

Airport Terminal (external)

Located in the approach to and surrounding external high traffic areas at both domestic and international terminals in all major airports around New Zealand.

External airport advertising reaches business travellers as well as the international and domestic visitor markets.

Airport Terminal (internal)

Located inside the high traffic areas at both domestic and international terminals in all major airports around New Zealand.

With sites located in main concourses, check-in, baggage claim and near departure lounges, internal airport advertising reaches business travellers as well as the international and domestic visitor markets.

Panels come in a variety of sizes and are generally internally illuminated. Free standing product floor displays may also be available at some airports.


As with other media, it is the space available for sale at a given time.

Backlight Units (Backlit)

Advertising structures which house illumination in a box to throw light through translucent advertising for a higher visibility and extended night viewing.

Bus Advertising

Bus advertising is part of the city and urban environment and is available in all main metropolitan cities and some major regional centres. A combination of mobility and visual impact reaches pedestrians, drivers and vehicle passengers.

Bus advertising offers options of side and rear panels, fully painted buses as well as bus interiors.

Bus Shelter Displays

Posters positioned as an integral part of a free standing covered structure at a bus stop. Usually available in two formats:

  • A single shelter: which has two panels (inside and outside)
  • A double shelter: which has four panels (inside, outside and A & B which are at the rear of the shelter).

A combination of media buys by market and by duration allows specific targeting or a mass focused approach.

The majority of bus shelters are illuminated.


The elimination of gaps in a media schedule by maximizing the duration of a campaign, ideally 52 weeks.


The complete advertising message to be displayed on the advertising structure.


The boundaries of a market. The term also refers to the percentage of a region or regions exposed to out-of-home advertising.

Cut-Outs, Embellishments, Add-Ons

May be letters, packages, figures or mechanical devices attached to the face of an outdoor sign which extend beyond the sign area. Can provide a three dimensional effect. May be limited by location and engineering requirements.

Demographic Profile

Audience breakdowns based on various characteristics such as age, sex, income, education, etc.

Display Period

The interval of exposure when an out-of-home advertising campaign is viewed.


The location of the individual advertising poster sites within a market relative to exposure potential.

Effective Circulation

Potential viewers. Estimate of the audience that has an opportunity to see an outdoor poster. i.e. occupants of west bound vehicles for an east-facing poster.


Represents the opportunity for a message to be seen and read.


The surface of an outdoor advertising structure on which the advertising message is posted or painted. A structure may have more than one face.


Specifies the direction the poster may be seen to traffic flow. For example: a south-facing panel can be seen only by northbound traffic and vice-versa.


The average number of times that an individual is exposed to an advertising message during a specified period of time.


Outdoor structure with internal or external electrical equipment installed for illumination of the message at night.

Large Format Sites (Spectaculars & Supersites)

Come in a variety of sizes over 36 square metres (12x3m).

Maximum visibility and impact is realised through their dominant and unique sizes and the ability to customise the layout with cut-outs and extensions. These giant advertising poster displays are generally illuminated and stand out on key motorway, highway and inner city locations.

The large format sites can be purchased nationally or by specific market – and are available as individual sites or as part of a campaign.

Line of Sight

The simultaneous viewing of more than one out-of-home structure.

Location List

A list supplied to buyers of outdoor space describing the location of all panels sold.


OOH simply means “out-of-home”.


A paper strip or price designation which is pasted on the face of an existing poster.

Paint Out

To block out copy on a painted site in preparation for a change in design. Also called Coat Out or Blank Out.


This is a term used for advertising messages that are printed on paper and posted onto advertising structures.

Posting Date

The date when a poster program is scheduled to commence.

Posting Instruction

Detailed information sent to the outdoor operator covering the display of a particular poster design.

Proof of Posting

Certification that the advertising service has been delivered.


The percentage of a target audience exposed to an advertising message at least once during a specified period of time.


The process of moving the advertiser’s message from one location to another at stated intervals, to achieve a more balanced coverage of a market.

Run Ons or Extras

Extra posters sent to outdoor operators to replace those that may be damaged during display period.

Shopping Centres

Illuminated panels in the shopping centre – of varying sizes.

Panels are sold in demographic packs allowing targeting of key consumer groups but can also be purchased geographically to strategically target shoppers in individual shopping centres.

Builds reach in association with mainstream media and is ideal for advertisers for whom frequency of message is an integral part of the brand marketing mix.

Traffic Count

The number of vehicles that pass an out-of-home structure each day.

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