“We had a multi-media consumer awareness campaign, including billboards, from which we received so much positive feedback… For DineAid, last year’s campaign showed it would be a significant consumer communication mistake to be without billboards.”

Mark Gregory, Trustee

DineAid Charitable Trust

“Over the years, we have seen the successful development of outdoor advertising in New Zealand and particularly in Auckland.”

Kevin Blight, Manager

M for Media

“We were delighted with our partnership and the opportunity to use billboards as part of our marketing campaign across New Zealand. We absolutely recommend using billboards as part of any successful business marketing strategy.”

Sarah Trotman, Managing Director

Small Business Expo

“The success of using OOH to launch the product into the market was beyond our expectations.  [It] really proved the usefulness of using OOH to create impact and heightened awareness at the beginning of campaigns, as well as the additional benefits of using OOH in conjunction with TV for massive reach.”

Nicky Christie

Spark PHD

“Over its four-week July-August season this series [THE DAY BEFORE] became the sixth most-watched programme on the entire schedule. We have to attribute this extra audience to the OOH promotion.”

Richard Driver

Documentary Channel

“Outdoor advertising has added significantly to many campaigns across a wide range of our clients, delivering scale, reach and premium positioning that other channels simply can’t. The industry excels in creative thinking and flexibility, consistently creating engaging ideas and solutions for clients and advertisers.”

Mike Harrison, Senior Media Planner


“What I love about outdoor is that no other media channel comes close to providing the platform to make big, bold statements about your brand to consumers or your competitors. Most channels are quite transient compared to it; add to this its flexibility and creativity, and it’s hard to beat when done right.”

Gerard Duignan, Trading Director


“Billboards have been a key channel for delivering brand messages this year for our client. Anecdotal feedback is that our outdoor activity has increased both visibility and talkability of the brand, in an environment set apart from competitive clutter.”

Susan Benseman, Business Director

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Lotto NZ have underpinned their latest TVC for Lotto Powerball with the use of some exciting OOH special builds on APN Outdoor billboards in key locations across Auckland this July. Read More…

MAGGI’s latest ‘You and Maggi Cooking Up Fresh Ideas’ campaign to promote its new contemporary flavours has been boosted through a first in New Zealand – retail advertising panels that dispense a discount coupon for the range. Read More…

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News Release 3rd May 2016

The Outdoor Media Association of NZ (OMANZ) reports another period of strong growth for the Out of Home industry with the release of Q1 2016 revenue figures today. Gross media revenue for the industry for Jan-March 2016 increased by 18% over the same period in 2015, reaching $20.2 million for the quarter. Read More…

News Release 17th November 2015
oOh!media today unveiled a first for Out Of Home engagement in New Zealand with the launch of its next generation of interactive retail screens loaded with unparalleled sensory features at ad:tech New Zealand. Read More…

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