Strategic Benefits

Why Use Outdoor

Imagine the impact your advertising has when 2.4 million people pass it on buses, bus shelters, billboards, airports and shopping centre illuminations in any given week during the year.

Need more convincing? Each Week:

    • 63% of AP10+ see outdoor advertising
    • 56% of people live in Metro areas
    • 1.97 million of AP10+see outdoor billboard advertising
    • 82% of outdoor observers see bus back advertisements
    • 75% of outdoor observers see street furniture/bus stop advertising
    • 47% of people that went to the mall in the last 7 days recall seeing an Illuminated Advertising Poster in a shopping centre
    • People spend an average of 37 minutes a day travelling to and from work or study – so they have plenty of opportunities to see out-of-home advertising.
    • ‘Each day approximately 941,000 people see out-of-home advertising at least once’

Source: Nielsen Media, 2012.

Benefits of Using Outdoor Formats

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising provides:

    • broad market reach and high, efficient frequency
    • 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week presence
    • cost efficiencies that can be unachievable using other mainstream medium
    • the ability to reach markets and/or demographic profiles considered difficult or too expensive with other media
    • a perfect strategic add-on/extension with other media activity such as television and radio
    • a stand-alone advertising launch vehicle
    • a reminder medium when other activity tapers off
    • communication to markets that other media cannot reach.
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